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Shay-Te is a software testing services company for your startup. We passionately assist startups and businesses in improving their product quality. With 20 years of experience, a professional workflow, and dedicated teams tailored to your product.

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Contact us for a testing partnership that guarantees precision, reliability, and a dedicated QA team tailored explicitly for startups. Elevate your software confidently with our expertise, ensuring a flawless user experience and a competitive edge in the market.

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We transform your uncertainty about the quality of your products into confidence. That’s how we provide clients with the best software testing services and QA globally. Whether you want to test a product, web application, or mobile app, we have the right solution for every business requirement. Our software testing and QA services save costs, enhance quality, and security, and improve the digital experience.

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Code Excellence, Rooted in Experience

With 20 years of expertise, Shay guarantees code excellence. Our automation engineer maintains high standards to ensure the long-term efficiency of your code


Dedicated Team for Excellence

Our committed long-term team dedicated to your project becomes intimately acquainted with your project, ensuring a continually improving quality. You are benefiting from lasting collaboration, stability, and expertise


Transparent Processes

We prioritize transparency, provide daily and weekly updates, follow predefined targets, and constantly report errors, downtimes, and work progress. Our testing team covers every system part for clear and comprehensive progress views.


Tailored for your Bussiness

Designed explicitly for business, We will find, create, and build the optimal quality solution for your product from scratch. We offer various testing services, including automation, performance, and manual testing.


Dynamic Documentation Management

We regularly update and review STD, Test Plans, Scenarios, and Test Cases to align with system changes, ensuring precision in the testing process.


Long-Term Commitment

Our team's dedication to your business fosters long-term relationships, saving time and money, continuously improving, profoundly understanding of your products, and more efficient and improved communication.

Experience the best quality with us

Unlock superior quality with our unmatched QA testing services. Specializing in automation and manual testing, we guarantee seamless functionality using top-tier tools. Tailored for startups, our dedicated QA team delivers precision and reliability. Elevate your software quality effortlessly with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your business owner's 20 years of hands-on software development experience benefit my project?

Excellence in Software Quality with Shay's 20 Years of Expertise! Our comprehensive QA approach ensures high-quality results for your project. A dedicated long-term team committed to continuous improvement and transparency. With Shay personally overseeing every line of code and closely tracking each process, your project is assured of technical proficiency and unwavering attention to detail. Contact us to elevate your software to the highest standards.

What types of software testing do you specialize in?

We specialize in a diverse range of software testing tailored for your product. Whether it's WEB applications, mobile apps, or other software, our comprehensive testing services ensure optimal performance, functionality, and user experience. Our team will elevate the quality of your software across different platforms. Partner with us for tailored testing solutions that guarantee a flawless experience

How do you ensure client transparency in the testing process, particularly regarding weekly targets, system downtimes, and progress updates?

We are committed to quality. Our approach begins with the owner, Shay, who has 20 years of hands-on software development experience. Shay personally reviews and verifies every line of code. Our approach is that each test case and data will challenge your product in extreme conditions. We follow an orderly process of cases and responses and know upfront how to react to each issue. We implement industry best practices, stay updated on the latest testing methodologies, and continuously refine our processes. The result is not just testing; it guarantees top-tier quality and reliability for your software.

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